Sunday, August 9, 2015

Teacher, Reporting For Duty!

The 2015-2016 school year begins for teachers tomorrow. The theme for this year is Creativity.  By encouraging creativity in our teachers, they hope to cultivate the creativity of our students.

Creativity could almost be the theme song for my new classes: Speech, Forensics, and Drama. I am excited to see what we accomplish. My lesson plan/idea notebook is full of activities for each class. I think I am going to be operating outside my comfort zone for most of the year!

English II is undergoing changes also. My new creative young colleague (who is teaching the other half of the English II classes) will insure that a hefty dose of creativity will be part of English II this year, too. I love her take on things and her creativity provides just the spark I need.

All this being said, I am HAVING to get creative in some ways.  Namely, keeping track of student data so this scrambled brain of mine can remember how students performed on formatives and what interventions were used to re-teach. There isn't room for this data in the traditional grade book or the online grade book. I have an idea for tracking this data, and if it works I will share it in future posts.

I feel like I spent most of the summer decorating a non-traditional classroom. After all, not every classroom has a stage in the middle of it. That feature alone has my creative juices flowing already. Hopefully, I can post a video tour of my room tomorrow.

Here's to thinking outside the box and a wonderful 2015-2016.

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