Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Working On the New Classroom

My custodians took the door off of my new classroom so that they could take the scissor lift in.  The ceilings are so high that they needed the lift to clean the light fixtures and replace some ceiling tiles.

I jumped on the chance to use the lift. (An opportunity available only every 4-5 years.)  They helped me hang a couple of pieces on the front walls of my classroom.  (OK. It might have taken the five of them plus me to do it!)
Custodians, cooks, secretaries...
these are the people that keep our schools afloat.
I couldn't function without them.

I am assuming that the crew will be working on my floors and then moving some furniture from my old classroom into this new room.  I am trying to stay out of their hair for now.  Besides taking them breakfast, that is probably the best gift that I can give them.

Let's hear it for great support personnel!

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