Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rock Stars of Education

At Christmas time our Central Office hosts a Holiday Open House.  When teachers and employees enter, we put our name on a piece of paper for drawings.

One gift our Superintendent gave away this year was "One Free Day of Subbing."  One elementary and one Middle/High School teacher would take off any day of their choice, and it wouldn't be charged to sick leave, family leave, or personal days. She would be their sub for the day. Amazing!  Even more amazing, she drew my name.

Friday, I am pretty sure I had the most highly qualified substitute teacher in our state.  While I was enjoying a new granddaughter, she was my sub.  She had time to talk to my high school students and colleagues.  She spent a day in the trenches, reminding herself of the work her teachers do. I know my students benefited from having her there, but I'm even more sure that every teacher in our district benefited from the day she put in as a teacher.

Reflecting on that day, I am reminded that she spends a great deal of time in our schools. She greets students, visits classes, and is interested in the lives of her employees. She understands us because she makes a regular practice of trying to stay in touch with her schools, students, and employees.

Is she a rock star or what?

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