Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Writes

Once in awhile, we have to remind students that writing is fun.  Quick writes are a great way to do that.  So, in the last ten minutes of class….

Quick Write for "Our Town"

In Emily's farewell speech, she says goodbye to simple things she has loved in this life.
"Goodbye to clocks ticking — And Mama's sunflowers — and food and coffee — and new-ironed dresses and hot baths — and sleeping and waking up! Oh, earth, you're too wonderful for anyone to realize you!"

And here is my list:

The Good Stuff *** 2013 Edition

The smell of wood smoke in the morningcrisp applesfluffy white clouds*dimplesa blank sheet of paper or a new journalold moviesflannel sheetsbeards with a bit of gray* the way the downstairs smells when the girls are homebig brown eyesDad’s handsa full moonthe smell after it rainscheese pizzasnow daysmovie afternoonsgood piano musicthe back of a baby’s neckwaking up on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning* holding a sleeping baby* riding down a big hill on a bike* a hot cup of coffeebrushing long hairskipping rocksa hot batha good sneezefaded blue jeansold family photographsmorning walks* the smell of cookies baking * wadingchampagne bubbleslittle kids gigglinggoing barefoot*firefliesa ring of candlelight at Christmas Eve services hugs from a two year old with a tight grip*sleddinga starry sky…

And what is on your list?  Make a list of simple things you love that don't cost much money.  (You know, the kind of things that you take for granted.)  Give your list a title.  I happened to swipe the title to a Kenny Chesney song.  Make sure your name is on it, and place it in the red file for some quick points.

Now, watch students remember that they really do like writing.  

There are about a zillion (hyperbole, I know--my mother tongue) quick writes you can use at any time of year and for any unit.  This is just a favorite.

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