Sunday, September 29, 2013

Learning By Watching

During the last few weeks of school, I've had more teachers in my room than I've ever had before. (Well, without food being involved.)  Our principal has challenged us to take some time and watch a colleague teach. The principal will even sub an hour, so that we can leave our classroom.

Don't get me wrong. They didn't come to my room because I am so magnificent.  I struggle daily and make as many mistakes as anyone.   That being said, I was the first in our building to attempt a Socratic Seminar, and several wanted to watch the process.

Somehow, having other teachers watch my first efforts with a new teaching method wasn't terribly intimidating.  They knew I was finding my way, and I knew what they were going to see didn't have to be perfect.  They gave me feedback and ideas for how to improve the method, and now a couple of them are trying the Socratic method, too.

Now it's my turn.  I need to find the time to get down to a colleague's room and watch them interact with students.  We have some incredible teachers in our building. Narrowing it down to one is going to be tough.

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