Saturday, June 15, 2013

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

So far...

*Two days were spent with my fellow English colleagues working on Common Core Standards.  We are developing a check list of standards for both teachers and students that will validate both our instruction and the student learning.

*I've written three references.  One was pretty extensive and a challenge to my writing skills.

*My daughter was married in Vegas, so we enjoyed a four day vacation at the Flamingo.

What's ahead for June?

*Reading, planning, and organizing for next fall's musical.  That includes meeting with the music director and costume designer.

*Outlining next fall's curriculum changes for English II.

*Writing a curriculum for the Stagecraft class I will be teaching in the fall.  (This is a new one for me.)

As for July... that month is mine.  I plan to play and spend as little time thinking about school as I can.  (Who am I kidding? I am going to be hunting a lighting director and choreographer for next fall's show and figuring out the audio system in the auditorium.)

When August rolls around, I will be ready to spend time at school again.  Organizing my classroom for the year ahead is a priority this year.  I'm not sure how I will handle all the new challenges of Common Core Standards requirements in English, a new class to teach, and directing the musical; however, I am certain that organization will be the key.

And this is why I could never teach school year round.  I need the extra planning time!

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