Friday, January 11, 2013

Seating Chart Possibilities

Unusual seating arrangements call for an unusual seating chart.  I talked about group arrangements here.  I knew my creative young colleague would come to the rescue on seating charts.  And she did.

While my desks are in groups, this is the chart she gave me to use:

The desk groups (with chairs) are on the master. Sticky notes are cut to the size of the "desks" in pink and blue colors to indicate genders.  I write the first names on the sticky, then stick the note on the sheet "desk."  I can pull them up easily to rearrange.  Once I have a seating arrangement I like, I slip the whole paper with sticky notes into a page protector so they are visible but won't get pulled off by accident.  Then, I keep all my seating charts on a clipboard, so they are easy to find.
I used to dread new seating charts, but this format makes it so easy. I rearrange groups and seating much more often now.  

Hurray for smart young colleagues who still teach this old dog new tricks!  


  1. You're so sweet, Mrs. E! I've still learned more from you. :)

  2. The problem with these arrangements is that the class sizes are too small. I can have 30+ students at a time!

    1. I rarely have more than 25, but you would be amazed the amount of space this arrangement frees up in your room. Your room will look much larger.

    2. I have 34! There's never a seating chart that works!

  3. In those days, we just remembered them by day three. Amazing that you can remember them 50 years later