Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome Back

Who needs a back to school nightmare when I'm living it??

First of all, I found this on the floor of my classroom, just waiting to be discovered.
I thought maybe my IT guy had left a rubber lizard as a joke.  Then I smelled it.  This was no joke.  Just lovely.

Lizard disposed of.  (Well, after pictures of course!)  The custodian promised to spot shampoo the carpet and use some room deodorizer.

Then, I rearrange the desks in my room, clean through my desk, and begin to put up my Word Wall.  (Mind you, that means putting my magnetic letters back on one corner of my whiteboard.)

While placing the first W, a pain shoots from neck into my scalp.  I almost went to my knees.  Tears sprang to my eyes.  About five seconds later (it seemed like an eternity), it was gone.  From then on, any movement brought on that shooting pain.  It was all I could do to lock my door and exit the building.

Frozen mixed vegetables (ice pack), a heating pad, and Ibuprofen gave me some relief.  My neck is stiff a day later, but no more shooting pains!

Good grief.  Is this any way to start a school year?

You might think this is related to moving classroom furniture, but I doubt it.  My daughter said she had this a few weeks ago, so I'm wondering if I have something viral.  CraZy!

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