Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Turn Off The Teacher Brain, Please!

We have been out of school five days, including the weekend. On day four I pulled out next year's lesson plan book and began marking work days, professional development days, and breaks. Day four! I am pathetic.
I've written about our in-school printing business that creates invitations, cards, posters, and planners. This is year three of them creating my lesson plan book. They do great work.

Also on day four, I created a template to track student progress on grammar and writing skills next year. Still mulling over the details, but I will share it when I finish it.

Today, on day five, I began hunting short stories for a short story unit next year.  I needed something to read, and all I could find was my textbook.  (That is what I am telling myself.) I really need to hit the library for some light summer reading.

I need to turn this teacher brain off! 

I love knowing that I don't have papers to grade or lessons to plan. I love not having to be at school early. I loved driving home tonight at 8:00 and realizing that I didn't have to teach tomorrow. 

And yet... I spend "free" time working on curriculum and the logistics of teaching. 

I have to get a life. Or at least a summer life! 

(I wonder what percentage of teachers find themselves in this same summer state of teacher brain gone cRaZy???)

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