Saturday, December 19, 2015

Good Subs

I hate having the flu. I hate missing school. I especially hate missing school on a final day.

This year, teaching speech, drama, and forensic classes means that my finals were performances. I sent my iPad so that the sub could video their finals.

Thank heavens for a young sub. My iPad ran out of storage after 1st hour. My sub borrowed another iPad, videoed for the rest of the day, and shared the videos on google with me. Rather than just throw up his hands, he adapted and found a way to make it work. I think he is going to be a darn good teacher.

Oh, and I forced myself to go back to school for the 2nd day of finals and am now down again. I hope I am over this junk before Christmas.

Major bummer to go into break this way.
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Holiday break!

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