Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kids Make Me Laugh

My students have been writing professional emails to me. They had to use a professional tone and format. You know: Dear Mrs. E, please/thank you, and a polite closing.

(This assignment MIGHT have come about because of an email I received last year from an "A" student. It said, and I quote, "Hey. I have two D's in your class and I don't make D's. That needs changed." My response to the student was essentially, "Dear Student, Oh yes, you did earn two D's. If you have further questions I will be glad to visit with you. The grades will change when your work does. Have a nice evening.")

This year the students are catching on, but a couple made me laugh. One signed his nearly perfect email with an emoji that is blowing a kiss. Not terribly professional, but he seemed to be going for brownie points.  Quite a charmer.

However, that email was better than the student who started his email with "Hell, Mrs. E."

I am assuming that he forgot the "o" on hello.

Or maybe I am just HOPING that he forgot the o on hello.

Think it is a coincidence that they are in the same class?  And good friends?


Welcome to my world.

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