Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back Where I Started

Today is the first day of school, and I feel like I have landed right back where I started 37 years ago.  Well, almost.

Why, you ask?

My room has no air conditioning. It has been broken for the last two weeks, and the repairmen haven't been able to fix it...yet!  (I have high hopes and every finger crossed.)

I also have no technology working.  The tech plate on the wall that controls my document reader, mini mac, VCR/DVD, and projector quit working on the last day of school in May.  The tech guys alerted the company who has left this repair job until this coming Monday---after school had started.

And the computers in my computer cart all need some kind of update that I don't have permission to do.

But, I have survived without technology and air conditioning before--and I'm sure I will today, too.  My classroom will be more pen/paper oriented, and I'm fairly sure it won't smell all that great either. (Hormonal teenagers in 85+ indoor temperatures = YIKES!)

The difference today?  My daughter is now my assistant principal.  *sigh!  (Do you think there are paybacks coming for the time she spent in my room as a sophomore?  "Dear, what is that you don't understand about the concept of getting quiet??"  Yes, I might have said that during Sophomore English back in '97.)

Actually, watching her in this leadership position has been a treat.  I'm sure there will be rough roads ahead from time to time, but she seems like a natural.  I remember her kindergarten teacher knew what we would come to know--that she had exceptional leadership skills even in kindergarten.

Now, if she could just lead the AC people and the technology people to my classroom, I would be thrilled!

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